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As someone who’s always heard “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, I often find myself wanting to try as much of the menu as possible, but don’t quite have the bandwidth to conquer everything without taking home a bag full of to-go boxes. Although I’m an advocate of leftovers, I’d much rather share some smaller portions with friends and get a chance
to sample the lot. Due to this constant and very real struggle, I love restaurants with small plates and tapas. Luckily, Jacksonville has plenty of spots that boast a wide array of small plates, for which I (and my stomach) are eternally grateful.

While there are so many great places I could go on and on about, I want to highlight four of my top Small Plate/Tapa hot spots here in Jacksonville that I frequent. If you’re like me and deal with overestimating your stomach capacity or with indecisiveness/large-menu- phobia, these should be on your must-try list!

Riverside Liquors & The Restaurant in Riverside

Unless you’re a restaurant regular, you may not notice Riverside Liquors as you drive down King Street in Riverside. Referred to as RSL by the “locals”, the building exterior might not be much to look at, but it’s definitely one of the hidden gems in the area. The front of the store appears to be your standard liquor/package store, but if you wander towards the back of the building, you’ll find a variety of tables scattered about (high tops and tables made from wine barrels), as well as a dark and cozy bar area. As a wine enthusiast, one of the things I love about RSL is that you can pick any wine off the shelf in their retail store and bring it back to the bar to drink. Although they have some fantastic craft cocktails and a large variety of draft and bottled craft beers, wine will always have my heart, so picking out bottles of wine in the store is always exciting for me.

RSL has a fantastic selection of small plates and tapas. The Chorizo Stuffed Dates, Bacon Sea Scallops,and their Beer Cheese & Pretzel Rounds are always crowd pleasers, but one of my absolute favorite items on the menu is their Deviled Egg Flight. It comes with 4 half-slices of deviled eggs that include a traditional deviled egg, a Cobb style, a Hummus variation, and last but certainly not least, the Tequila picked deviled egg. Don’t let the bright pink color put you off….it’s soooo good!

Fridays happen to be my favorite day to visit RSL for three simple words: Complimentary. Wine. Tasting. Each week, RSL hosts a free wine tasting in their retail store area between 5-8 PM with an offering of 5 to 6 different red and white varietals from various regions around the world. They also run a promotion where they’ll waive the corkage fee for any wine you purchase and drink that night from the wines offered during the wine tasting.

The Rundown: Great small plates and beverage options. The restaurant/bar doesn’t open until 4 PM each day.

Wednesdays = no-corkage on all wine. Fridays = free wine. Closed Sundays.

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