Riverside Liquors


            SMALL PLATES
Soup of the Week - 5
    Chef’s choice of soup
House Bread - 6
    Sundried tomato & basil pestos with olive oil
Cheese Plate - 8
    With St. Germain cranberry jelly
Meat Plate - 9
    With honey whole grain mustard
Traditional Deviled Eggs - 7
    A rich traditional mix with chives & bacon
Deviled Egg Flight - 7
    Traditional - Cobb - Hummus - Pickled
Roasted Garlic Hummus - 8
    With lemon and warm pita
Fig & Olive Tapenade - 8
    Layered with cream cheese & 
    local honey, with house-made bread
Rolled Goat Cheese Truffles - 8
    An assortment, with toasted 
    house made bread
Stuffed Mushroom Caps - 9
    Baked with shrimp & crab stuffing, 
    with lemon butter
Beer Cheese & Pretzel Rounds - 8
    Made with Intuition Jon Boat Coastal Ale
Chorizo Stuffed Dates - 7
    Bacon wrapped with St. Germain 
    cranberry jelly
Bacon Sea Scallops - 10
    With red pepper aioli
Daily Flatbread - 10
    Choice of vegetarian or meat

Kale Salad - 7
    Bacon, roasted walnut, onion, red pepper,
    parmesan, golden rasin white  
    balsamic vinaigrette
Roasted Brussel Sprouts - 9
    With bacon, & gorgonzola
Beet Salad - 7
    Red & yellow beets, roasted walnuts,             goat cheese, bacon, green onions 
    & bacon vinaigrette
Roasted Root Vegetables - 8
    With feta, scallions and roasted garlic dressing

            LARGER PLATES
Lamb Meatballs - 13
    Herbed lamb in tomato sauce, with 
    yogurt dill sauce & house-made bread
Lamb Chops - 14
    Spiced lamb lollipops grilled and         served with fig and balsalmic jam
Duck Confit Sliders - 13
    Shredded duck thigh with spicy
    pepper jelly and marscapone
Beef Tenderloin - 14
    Fresh-cut tenderloin seared             and served with demi-glaze
Steak Tacos - 12
    Grilled steak with red pepper, pickled 
    onion & Cotija cheese.         Corn or flour tortillas.
Asian Chicken Thigh - 9
    Boneless thighs with sweet and spicy         glaze served with fresh asian slaw
Braised Beef Short Rib - 13
    Red wine braised with a cauliflour puree
Stuffed Poblano - 11
    Beef, cotija cheese, and rice served         with lime crema and cilantro

Shrimp Scampi - 12
    Sauteed with herbed butter served 
    with house bread
Sweet Potato Scallops - 13
    Seared scallops atop maple spiced 
    sweet potato medallions
Pepita Crusted Tuna - 13
    Seared and served cold         with wasabi cream sauce

Raspberry Chocolate Torte - 5
    Rich flourless torte layered with white         chocolate buttercream and raspberry couli
Pumpkin Cheesecake - 5
    No-bake pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnapType your paragraph here.